Workshop | Mar 2019
Moscow | Russia

Defining the everyday in the city of extremes

Speculative designs for Sobornaya square in Magadan

Extremely East: 59°34′N 150°48′E / Extremely Recent: 1930 Extremely Cold: −18.5 (Average Low. Jan.) / Extremely Isolated: 2.000km away from nearest city (Yakutsk).
If public spaces are stages of the everyday, how to design an urban square on such extreme city? Participants are invited to work in teams and elaborate speculative design attempts in order to foster new processes of space appropriation. The aim of the workshop is to avoid deterministic and over-designed solutions but, instead, to create the conditions for unexpected and open-ended dynamics, where daily life takes central stage and users transform into performers. The definition of conditions (e.g. spatial definition, climate comfort, accessibility) is key to empower people to live public spaces as theirs, fostering improvisation rather than control.

Magadan: defining the everyday in the city of extremes

Organizer: Strelka KB
Lecturer: Francesco Garofalo
Location: Moscow, Russia
Time: 1st /2nd March 2019