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  1. Exhibition | Jun 2014
    Venice Biennale ‘Fundamentals’
    Venice | Italy

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    The journey begins with the ‘case’ of Milan which has been used as an example of “laboratory of the modern”, whose architectonic and city planning affairs of the last 100 years – but also several key moments in its past history – demonstrate the particular means employed by projects with a large transformative role compared to the pre-existing urban structure. From historical Milan to the city that hosts Expo 2015, an example of great territorial transformation over recent years which will be observed in its various content and present and future developments.

    Expo 2015 – a laboratory for the environment
    This section presents the work-in-progress of the 2015 Expo in Milan.
    In “2030 EXPOst”, some young architects envisage possible future metamorphoses of the area of the Expo after the conclusion of the world’s fair.