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  1. Abstract
    Genova | Italy

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    Abstract is a terrazzo concrete that unites the precious and the mundane.
    The white concrete mixture contains fragments of several types of marble, as in the best tradition of this flooring, historically considered elegant and refined. Such minerals are combined with scraps of different nature. Brass bars and glass fragments add reflective power and transparency, making Abstract a reused material that combines everyday objects with precious stones.
    This material can be seen as an urban fossil, where each fragment has specific characteristics, different geographical origins and a story to tell.
    Abstract becomes a mineral anthology, where each piece witnesses an equally important point of view: from marble to broken glasses.




  2. Play
    Genova | Italy

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    Selected from hundreds of submissions, our project was built in one of the most famous European floral festivals: Euroflora2011. Our choice was to create a dynamic design by realizing a platform where visitors could directly take part in the creative phase of a project, proposing their own design.
    The platform is a square of 13×13 pixels characterized by species of lettuce, which vary in colour and texture. These are contained in boxes of perforated PVC, recycled from big advertising banners, useful in its function for the strength and versatility to drain rainwater. Everyone moving the boxes can create the patterns they want and the outcome is continued interaction of visitors. The result is a project changing over time, never static, but rather a meeting point for the game and cooperation. The perforated PVC box is currently evolving to become a design object.






    The PVC containers for the plants are all made by reusing the plastic material of the advertisement banners.  The making of a planter is very easy; the only needed tools, besides the PVC, are a knife, a ruler and a staple machine.