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  1. Exhibition | Oct 2015
    One Architecture Week
    Plovdiv | Bulgaria

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     ‘This is an experiment of commoning the Maritsa River. Commoning as questioning the nature of the river as a border. A border between nature and culture, north and south, “European” and “non-European”, private and public… Commoning as the action of connecting, sharing, making, opening, relating and producing together. Commoning as exploring new co-existences and not as creating a substitute to the existing.
    Ideas, seeds, water, air, cultures and spaces, which we collectively produce each and every day, all of those are common(s). They are the results of collective efforts, research, thought and creation through time and regions. During ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2015, we will be exploring the networks in Plovdiv and creating new ones locally and across countries, through spaces of collective action along and across the river, on and under the water. We will be reading, listening, living, debating, sun-bathing, imagining, rowing, learning, doing, producing and re-producing.
    ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK 2015 has as its main goal claiming the Maritsa River through commoning it. The festival will attempt bringing the river, as a forgotten element of Plovdiv, back to the city. It will attempt bringing the publics of Plovdiv, river Maritsa, and those who share the common(s) together along the river.’