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  1. Lecture | Nov 2019
    Streetwise, London Metropolitan University
    London | UK

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    The street is the ultimate public space. While parks and plazas are mostly used according to weather conditions and time of the week, streets are those open spaces we all share, everyday. Intended as axes for multi-modal mobility, street scan be imagined and designed as ecological corridors, spaces that welcome encounter as much as conflict. Streets are the stages where we perform our daily life, where the exceptional mingle with the routine.

  2. Lec­ture | Oct 2016
    Med Net 3 – Resiligence
    Genova | Italy

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    Med.Net 03 Forum, ADD organizes two days of scientific and creative meeting and exchange dedicated to promote a strategic vision about the theme of “resilience” and its innovative approach.
    “The Resili(g)ence meeting proposes to combine “Intelligent Cities” (information, knowledge, projection and adaptation) and “Resilient City” (resistance and recycling, reaction and recovery, renovation and adaptation) in a new sensory condition, sensorized and time sensitive.”


  3. Lec­ture | Nov 2015
    Ithaca | USA

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    Openfabric’s aim is to generate spaces where the city, society and nature come together, addressing spontaneity rather than imposing rigid design and planning solutions. The office in its first 4 years has been designing spaces and strategies where people and nature can ‘colonize’ the landscape freely, finding solutions to avoid over-design and over-regulation. Bringing back to the city wild nature and fostering non-formal uses of the public space can generate an array of unusual and transient activities resulting in new social and ecological patterns.

  4. Lecture | Jun 2015
    TU Delft
    Delft | Netherlands

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    Openfabric, as part of the winning team, together with UNLab, CoRDA and the Environmental Technology & Urban Design department of TU Delft, were invited to present Berat Island Project, Friday on the 26th of June.

    The teams presented the Berat Island winning project “Research by Design: Exploring Resilience – Lifelines between Memory and Transformation” and introduced the next implementation phases of the process. The event was followed by professors and students at TU Delft.


  5. Lecture | May 2015
    Genova University
    Genoa | Italy

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    The University of Genoa has invited us to lecture about our experience in the market as a young office. By describing our business model, the markets in the different countries we are working in and our projects, we gave an overview of what Openfabric did in its first 3 years and the direction we intent to overtake for the coming times.


  6. Lecture | Feb 2014
    UniPolis University
    Tirana | Albania

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    Openfabric has presented to UniPolis’ students and teachers some of the latest office projects following the theme of ‘the wild dream’. The role of wild vegetation in urban contexts as well as people’s relation with ‘real’ wilderness have been under the spot light of the lecture. Special attention has been given to our strategy for the ‘Riviera’ southern coastal area of Albania.