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  1. Lec­ture | Nov 2015
    Ithaca | USA

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    Openfabric’s aim is to generate spaces where the city, society and nature come together, addressing spontaneity rather than imposing rigid design and planning solutions. The office in its first 4 years has been designing spaces and strategies where people and nature can ‘colonize’ the landscape freely, finding solutions to avoid over-design and over-regulation. Bringing back to the city wild nature and fostering non-formal uses of the public space can generate an array of unusual and transient activities resulting in new social and ecological patterns.

  2. Exhi­bi­tion
    Aids Memorial Park AIA
    New York | USA

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    Founded in 2011, AIDS Memorial Park (AMP) is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the recognition and preservation of the ongoing history of the AIDS crisis.
    To generate inspiring concepts for a memorial park, AMP launched an international design competition in November 2011 sponsored by Architizer and Architectural Record. In just six weeks, 475 proposals were submitted from more than 26 U.S. states and 32 countries on six continents. Openfabric was awarded with Honorable Mention.


  3. Spread the Voice
    New York | USA

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    The memorial wants to pay respect for New Yorkers AIDS victims for each of the 5 NYC boroughs. Taking the move from the USA 70s campaign which motto was SILENCE IS DEATH, and had a pink triangle as logo, the remembrance of the victims becomes here an active park where everybody is free to talk, inform and perform on five speech podiums. This stages are surrounded by circular elements useful as sitting elements, beside being sculptures themselves, five steles representative of the five boroughs victims. These circles are the community remembrance and in the same time an active warning for the future: never again make the silence kill people: silence is death, communication is life!


    Five circular pockets spaces are defined within the park. Five as the NYC boroughs, they create a continuous sitting element oriented to a central little stage. Such central element is a free speech podium, where anybody can stand up and express is thoughts and ideas, respectfully of the low, freely.