Accademia di Brera, Scalo Farini

Milan, Italy

The project area covers a surface area of approximately 20.000 m2 and will host the new sculpture hub of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.
The Hub, organized around a large central courtyard, will complement the historic headquarters with classrooms, exhibition spaces and sculpture and scenography workshops.
Located in Scalo Farini -a decommissioned railway yard in the north of Milan, the open spaces of the Academy will be composed by a series of programmatic strips unfolding along the central platform, which served to load and unload goods, when the yard was in operation.
The central platform is treated as a sculptural matter, additions and subtractions are applied, forging a complex object, a continuous 70 meters-long artifact.
The yard unfolds as new urban morphology where the spatial articulation stimulates body and imagination fostering a creative use of the space.
The deployment of abstraction becomes the language to avoid programmatic super-imposition, favoring indeterminacy as a fertile ground for self-determination, interaction, interpretation and eventually, cultural production.