Ballyfermot Playground

Dublin, Ireland

The Lawns are an important green space at the centre of Ballyfermot. Defined by large meadows, several prominent trees and some sports fields. But, as often happens, there is a lack of Identity and lack of variety in terms of playing types and sport facilities. Our proposal aims to propose a method to define a  new strong character for central public space. The Playground becomes part of a designed green belt around the sport area, than interacts with the city by fragmentation, creating new pockets spaces than can host different uses and activities. The project is organize around 3 central paved spaces surrounded by designed green spaces where the landscape becomes integral part of the play-scape. Users can explore and experience a variety of scenarios carefully organized in order to enhance interactions between different age and social groups.

With the Ballyfermot Playground we address how the whole park could develop in the coming years, with the play park as a catalyst for the wider area. The plan fits into the framework, defining its North-East corner. Next we imagine the Lawns being defined by 3 different layers: The Green Belt, the Sport Core and the Green Mile.

A series of paths connect the play park to the lawns, Le Fanú Road and the Plaza in front of the Leisure Centre. The Green Mile runs through the plan and traverses the main skate space. Carved out of the paths we have defined three Play Plazas. These spaces form the central meeting points in the plan and are designed to accommodate different user groups and types of play. Finally we have the green spaces, each of which differs in its character, function and planting types.

The Pallyfermot Park is organized around 3 main plazas- The largest is the Skating and BMX Plaza in the south of the plan. The primary users here will be older children and teens on BMX’s, skateboards and scooters and there is plenty of place for everyone to watch the action. A second space for younger children and families sits close to the entrance and in the shelter of the Leisure Centre. Finally a small pocket space under the trees caters for parents who would like to sit and keep an eye on their children exploring the Wild play area.