Fori Imperiali, Roma

Roma, Italy

The project for the new archaeological park of Rome consists of an organic series of interventions – aimed to maximize the use of public space which has developed along the ring surrounding the whole monumental archaeological area. The strategy is based on the intention to outline a plan with a unitary character but at the same time declined in specific characters, responding to the different edge-conditions.

The archaeological area is one of the places in the Rome where the signs and traces of the past most clearly overlap, from the most ancient to the most recent times. This place therefore appears as a large palimpsest in which multiple layers coexist at the same time.

The project, by recording this process, aims to expose and dignify the different layers that have overlapped, interpreting the filigree of past traces and making the complex history of Rome more explicit and legible. Likewise, the intervention represents an opportunity to reconstruct the social and relational fabric present in those places until the beginning of the 20th century.