Intermodal Hub

Ravenna, Italy

The project of the New Intermodal Hub focuses on the interface between the sea and the city, an opportunity to create an iconic public space for Ravenna, and to connect only apparently conflicting landscapes.
The Ravenna dock is perceived as a large urban rear, a “back of house”, excluded from the city centre by a road axis and the railway line.
The project aims to shift this paradigm by re-defining this portion of the city as a connective system of public spaces, a destination and a transition between the city and the sea.
Our vision proposes a new urban arrangement that balances the distribution of the program between the east and west sides, the design of key public spaces and, the definition of a connecting cycle-pedestrian fly-over.

The project does not deny the infrastructural nature of the intervention: the carpark becomes a hybrid public space, and its extra large dimension becomes iconic. Its planimetric shape vaguely resembles the profile of a giraffe, a feature emphasised by the spotted design of the roof-garden, it escapes any attempt at camouflage and makes its exceptional extension an element of proud identity.