Nuova BEIC

Milan, Italy

The open spaces project for the new BEIC library it is conceived as strategic steppingstone for creating and consolidating an ecological corridor of vital importance for Milan. From the Lambro river and the Forlanini park located east of the project area, a new green infrastructure crosses the library area up to Vittorio Formentano park located to the west, guaranteeing ecosystem continuity, fostering biodiversity and providing a performative and resilient urban space. Our proposal aims to provide a fragment of such larger system, in continuity with the adjacent green spaces and, at the same time, defined by a clear independent identity.

The juxtaposition of different landscapes defines the project proposal. In the north edge two large flower fields located, a landscape typology that guarantees a rich presence of biodiversity while, at the same time, through selective maintenance creates enclose spaces, where visitors can read, relax and enjoy an urban picnic.