River Pebbles

Changsha, China

The difference between rocks and pebbles is deter- mined by the restless action of water which, with time, smoothens rocks into rounded, polished stones. The creative process can be seen as the stream of water: the unceasing effort to transform everyday life into something special, and the result can be compared to the elegant variety of river pebbles.
In the Changhsa Creative Park, islands of activity are obtained within the functional flows of pedestrian, cars and emergency vehicles routes.
Like pebbles are similar in dimension and shape, but all different to each other when it comes to colours and textures, a new variety of urban elements are spread over the site; they create the conditions for spontane- ous and creative use of the public space, for the benefit of the people who work in the offices and for the many visitors.

A grid of trees is the background of the plan; the pedestrian flows are the functional streams that generate the pebbles, elements where people can meet, work and perform in a creative environment.

The highest concentration of vegetation is located at the south side in order to take maximum advantage of the shading and cooling qualities of plants and trees.

A variety of water feature are located at the northern side of the site in order to enhance the cooling effect of the prevailing winds that originates from the north-west.

Like the river pebbles have similar size but are different to each other in colours and texture, in the same way a variety of public space elements defines the area. A great array of functions are spread around the site and allow a large variety of activities to happen spontaneously; in a pebble shape.

The choice of the two main materials, the stone and the gravel is led by the aim of reinterpreting the traditional Chinese court-yards in a contemporary key. The juxtaposition of gravel and stone will enhance the sensory experience of the open space not only visually but also in a tactile and acoustic point of view.