The 24 gardens of Sanlin

Shanghai, China

The Sanlin area on the Pudong side of Shanghai is one of the last green-ish areas along the Hangpu river. How to make use of this special atmosphere? The transformation from a agricultural village mix-use towards a green urban neighborhood offers special opportunities to develop a diverse and sustainable urban park-like development. The existing tapestry can form the basis of a patchwork of gardens, some more park-like others like small neighborhoods with their own character. In the collection of river developments the Sanlin area will then stand out as a green urban park. The Sanlin area can be easily connected to the metropolitan transport system of Shanghai, offering good connections for both inhabitants as visitors.

The plan is a organize around two main concept: 1. a patchwork of gardens defines the different neighborhoods and 2. a ring park that gives a clear structure and a connective ecological role to the masterplan, connecting it to the Huangpu River area.

The masterplan is a collection of neighborhoods and parks, that in total create 24 gardens. The landscape diversity gives the structure and the character to the new development.

BAMBOO ISLANDS. Low residential is here combined with a water high-ecological landscape. Each house has direct access to water; a variety of bamboos’ species are defining the character of the area.

FLOWER GARDEN. High density residential buildings are arranged into a garden landscape. Each building has its own garden, and each garden has a different design, creating a patchwork that reminds the richness of a botanical garden.