The Green Valley

Shenzhen, China

Longhua District is located on the symbolic central axis of Shenzhen north of the Civic Center and Futian. However so far the district developed informally, as it was not part of the original Special Economic Zone. Its setting surrounded by green hills offers the opportunity to match the rising desire of Shenzhen people for a better living environment with close connections to nature.
The open space masterplan connects a number of independent parks into a landscape system that reaches to the nearby mountains, reservoir and river. Shenzhen’s iconic hills and the Guanlan River Eco Corridor [link] will become accessible for recreational outdoor activities.
Urban design guidelines link the park system with the adjacent development plots in a way usually not achieved in China. The experience of the natural landscape will become part of everyday life, offering relief from hectic urban life, and giving people the opportunity to learn from, appreciate and care for their surroundings.
The project was supported by an ecological impact assessment to address storm water management, reduce the heat island effect, and positive ecological effects in order to create a healthy and ecological city environment.

The Green Heart is the area framed by the two Long Lines and is the place where the highest ambition for the integration of landscape and development is concentrated. Very visible from the over-ground metro line, is the core of the Green Valley where the built structure and open landscape interact harmoniously. Five different finger parks, cross the Green Heart in the east-west direction.

The Water&Hill Park is a highly sustainable park. The eastern part of the park is standing in a low topographical area that allows water collection: recreation here is directly linked with nature and with the educational value of the ecological landscape.

The Low Line is a vibrant sequence of different urban spaces under the metro line viaduct. The shadow casted from the metro line viaduct protects the underlying part from the strong heat in summer creating a more pleasant microclimate underneath. Different urban spaces are located in the Low Line: sport fields and playgrounds, seasonal and wild gardens.